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Walrus Deer

Walrus deer are a large prey item found in the mountain biome. They move during the day and have a 50 day lifespan. but be careful, if the walrus dear cant move, it will deal damage to your creatures.


  • 1 Speed
  • 2 Collecting
  • 2 Strength
  • 5 Eyesight


Walrus deer provide 30 food when killed.


They are pinkish-brown in color with folded skin. With two antlers on their head, they also have two small tusks similar to Walruses along with white "socks", massive antlers and pitch black eyes. They also look incredibly silly.


As Walrus Deer have long lifespans they are hard to kill, so having many high strength creatures is needed. To kill them, you will need to either corner the deer or trap it in some way, while leaving one space for it to move, so bring at least 8 creatures with you, that way, you wont risk taking any damage while cornering it. You could also keep it poisoned, though this strategy would take a while and you would need to track it to keep on re-poisoning it, as the poison wears off in about 3 days.


  • Its name and appearance is the combination of both a walrus and a deer.
  • It currently provides the most food when killed. Killing these is a better deal than trying to kill a balance bear or ape, as it won't fight back