Upcoming Features

Flora, Fauna

  • New Predators [1]


  • Healing saliva [2] (Didn't happen during 1.1.4 update)
  • Cheetah fur [3] (Didn't happen during 1.1.4 update)
  • Special cry that increases strength [4] (Didn't happen during 1.1.4 update)
  • Creative Cougar backer suggested genes (5) [2] (Didn't happen during 1.1.4 update)

Possible Features

Water Gene

Slick Coat (Fur/Skin, Improves water movement)


New gene slot Fur/Skin

Update 1.0.0

  • Story Mode and Sandbox mode
  • Tutorial
  • Achievements
  • 2 Additional Save slots (Total of 5)

Update 0.5

- Lots of new islands + special challenge islands

- More content for swamp and savanna biomes

- New dynamic pattern system

- New gene unlocking/ mutation system

- Interspecies breeding with Bearyenas

- New textures

- Small adjustments and fixes

-(Sickness lasts only 2 days, healing plants cures sickness, ...)

Update 0.4

  • New Mountain Biome (Grass/Mountain and Mountain islands)
  • 2 new predators (Ramfox and Balance Bear) and new prey (Walrus Deer)
  • Twin Birth and Fertility
  • 6 new prehistoric genes (Hammer Tail, Digging Trunk, Mammut feet, Armored Body, Megalocerous Horns and Sabertooth Fangs)
  • Temperature System (Heat and Cold resistance)
  • Family Tree Filters
  • Bug Fixes
  • Big body now gives 1 defence

Update 0.3.0

New Travel System (Randomly Connected Islands)

New Islands (Jungle- Grass, Oasis, Jungle)

New Jungle Biome

3 New predators

Changed Sickness Mechanic

Added Melanism and Albinism

Added Messaging System

Option to banish creatures from tribe

Adding Creatures to tribes costs food

UI Improvement

New abilities (Scent Disguise, Stealth, Odor Disguise, Distasteful Appearance, Distasteful Scent)

Spiky Body no longer hurts other creatures (unless it's licked)

New Perception (Hearing and Smelling)

Update 0.2.1

3 Action points per creature, 1 food per turn per creature

Water Tiles

Water Genes

Family tree

New "killer" island

New Abilities - Swimming, Digging, Fishing, Cracking, under water breathing

Randomized Adam and Eve

Bleeding System

Preview 0.1.9


Field types for river

New genes (Horn slot, Horn color, Blood Clotting Slot, Water genes ...)

Family Tree

Added the "Killer Island" for hardcore survivers. You can find its port on the Top-Island

New Abilities - Swimming, Digging, Fishing, Cracking, under water breathing

Randomized Adam and Eve

Experimental 1.0

New Bleeding system - when bleeding and animal will take damage relative to their damage Gene every turn

Damage Gene - Normalbloodclotting (normal damage) and Hemophilia (more damage (Bad))

Licking wound - when an animal is bleeding their wound can be licked to stop bleeding by an adjacent creature

Family tree - all living animals will be in a family tree accessible by a tab next to the gene menu

New food system - instead of taking 1 food per action all creatures now take 1 food per turn

Update 0.0.1

3 islands instead of 1

Difficulty and complexity (first island low difficulty and complexity, right island high complexity and medium difficulty, top island high complexity and difficulty)

New field types for grass biome

New genes (Violet Eyes, Black Fur and immunity genes)

Ability to change creatures' gem colour (Active: Light Green, Orange, Light Blue) (Inactive: Dark Green, Red, Dark Blue)

Bug fixes

Update 0.0.7

Fix for save file issue ("If your save states said '152 days' all the time this should resolve the issue")

Fixed the "berry count" when unlocking the Berry Paw gene

Increased size of animal hitbox to make selection easier

Update 0.0.5

Venom and poison ability added

New gene unlocking challenges added

Improved map generation

Update 0.0.4


Perform tasks on the field you sit on

Rain is now lighter

Many bug fixes


  1. Planned features and current focus
  2. 2.0 2.1 Niche Kickstarter
  3. Kickstarter Update #4
  4. Kickstarter Update #14