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The world of Niche is composed of a series of islands that creatures can travel between by use of special ports. Traveling between the islands lets the creatures explore a wide range of habitats and meet interesting new species. But be careful, for once the creatures leave an island, they can never return!  

Before traveling, try to stock up on food and nesting material, since it will take time to locate food and nests on the new island. You should also select the best creatures from your tribe, since they will form the basis for your new tribe.

Once you are ready to travel, select a port and place your chosen creatures on the travel tiles. Only the creatures on the travel tiles will journey to the new island; the rest of the tribe will stay behind and disappear. To activate the port, select the grey button.  

Each port will have a distinct look that indicates what kind of island you are traveling to; be sure to consult the island guide below to know which tiles correspond with which island.  


Adam & Eve

Each game starts with Adam and Eve on a small, grass-covered island. Carnivores are the only predator, temperature is not an issue, and berry bushes are plentiful, so this is a good time to get a feel for the game and start breeding for good genes. At minimum, breed out the following genes before you start traveling: blind eyes, hemophilia, infertile, no horns, crippled paw.


  • Acorn tree, berry bush


Blue-Green, Bones

Difficult jungle island... (double check)


  • ape spawning tree, carnivorous plant, healing plant, smelly fruit


Blue-Green, Branches

Screenshot 6

This island is evenly split between the jungle and grassland biomes. Since there are no rivers, water genes are unnecessary. Due to the presence of the three great apes, it is best to prioritize genes that provide camouflage or disguise.


  • acorn tree, ape spawning tree, berry bush, carnivorous plant, healing plant, smelly fruit


Green, Bones

Despite the green hue of the port, this island is dry and hot, with only a few short streams interrupting the otherwise monotonous savanna.


  • Berry Bush (bare)


Green, Tall Grass



  • Ape Spawn Tree, Berry Bush, Smelly Fruit


Light Green, Flowers

Easy island

This is a large, low lying island, composed of grassland and a few meandering rivers. Much like the tutorial island, it is a very easy place to live, with abundant food and few predators.


  • Acorn tree, berry bush
Screenshot 5


Red Sand, Bones

This island is little more than an atoll, with a large lake bordered by the savannah biome. Water genes are of utmost importance for survival. Food is scarce, but carnivores and rogue males are both easily avoided if water breathing is acquired.

Bones and Sand Port


  • Berry Bush (bare), Cactus



This is a steep, mountainous island, surrounded by a thin border of grassland. There are a few rivers. Plants are scarce, predators are common, and snow is a constant threat, so it is best to maximize your population's strength and cold resistance before traveling to this island. Scattered hot springs provide a respite from the cold, but they are few and far between. Grey fur provides the best camouflage.

Screenshot 7


  • acorn tree, berry bush, healing plant, twig bush


Snow, Bones


This is a steep, mountainous island. Meat is the only source of food, predators are common, and snow is a constant threat, so it is best to maximize your population's strength and cold resistanceScattered hot springs provide a respite from the cold, but they are few and far between. Grey fur provides the best camouflage.


  • twig bush
Bone and Snow Port



This is a hilly island, mostly dominated by the swamp biome, with small grasslands at the coast. Poison Fangs are necessary to survive because poison berry bushes dominate.


  • Prickly Grass


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