• What do you think about the apes? Have you encountered them? Have you died to them? Have you been running away, then get your last creature eaten by a carnivorus plant? Post things about apes here.

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    • My first encounter with one of them was when i was doing a quick check of the jungle (i imediatly move to the jungle island). With in one turn my only creature died all i saw was a flash of yellow. Apart from that i haven't encountered one.

      I like the idea that they are top of the food chain and your not

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    • I think that the jungle island, may be a pathway to the medium island. Cus, i saw a port that has the medium island's coloration. What do you think?

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    • These are very scary before you know about them, and also if you try to shake an "Ape Spawn Tree"? RUN. My poor foxcats didn't know what hit them, and the closest port was to Killer Island with 5 tiles. I am dead.

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    • Ape Spawn Tree? O.O wut even is that? get a picture and post it on the plants and apes page pls.

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    • The ape spawn trees are the big jungle trees.

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    • My Black Skunk-berry tribe as I call them literally shake Ape Spawn Trees for their Nuts

      (Stinky Tail+Good Camo(4 minimaly)+Decent Stealth (2-3)= Only Hearing ape is really a prob)

      And Yolo: around 99% of them have Panda Pattern


      My Creatures can spot or hear the Seeing ape, But it will have trouble spotting my Creatures, so they move further than 2 Spots away

      My Creatures don't mind the smelling ape coz Stinky Tail

      I sacrifice the sick or the unlikely to survive Creatures to the Hearing Ape (Culling)

      Creatures with Gills (They're suprisingly useful in the Jungle Islands) can hide in deep water

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    • Water critters are the best for the jungle. Just go underwater :/

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    • MiaowXx wrote:
      Water critters are the best for the jungle. Just go underwater :/

      I know, gills are so OP in the Jungle especially the one with the lake

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    • A FANDOM user
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