Temperature is a survival mechanic. Each biome has its own temperature, and this temperature may vary. For a creature to be "comfortable" and not have negative effects, they must have equal or higher temperature resistance to the current temperature.


There are 2 types of temperature, and therefore 2 types of resistances: "Heat" and "Cold".

Cold resistance is affected by the following genes:

  • Big Body (+2)
  • Heat Body (+4)
  • Medium Body (+1)
  • Medium Tail (+1)
  • Big Ears (-1)
  • Tail Fin (-1)

You can also gain temporary cold resistance by standing in a hot spring (=5), or have 2 adjacent creatures (+2).

Heat resistance is affected by the following genes:

  • Lean Body (+3)
  • Medium Body (+1)
  • Big Ears (+2)
  • Big Body (-1)

Heat resistance can be gained by moving into water, or by standing under a shade tree (+2).


If a creature is too hot or too cold, they will suffer -1 action point. Under certain circumstances, a cold creature may freeze, making them take damage, and they are unable to move. This happens when a creature is too far away from (not adjacent to) the pack for 1-2 days. However, pack-mates can manually warm up frozen creatures by means of licking them, which will remove the status. Moving multiple packmates nearby so the creature gains the "Warmed by packmates" buff will also remove the frozen effect.

Heat Waves and Cold Waves

Randomly, at the beginning of each turn, a Heat or Cold wave may blow in; this will, for that turn, increase or decrease the temperature by 1.