Sickness is a status effect which can affect creatures. Dealing damage over the course of a few days, it can be identified by a sneezing sound as well as an effect similar to the attack effect. Each sickness takes one day off the creature's life. But luckily, unlike the attack effect, it does not sound like a heartbreaking whine.

Types of sickness

Common Cold

Common colds are a randomly occurring sickness. At the beginning of each turn, if the creature has a common cold, it will be damaged. Common colds have an increased chance to affect a creature when they are in swamps or are near a creature that has two of the same immunity types. It is able to be identified by a symbol that resembles a snowflake or virus.

Sleep Sickness

Sleep Sickness is inflicted on your creature by insect swarms. While having sleep sickness your creature suffers -2 Action points. It can be identified by 3 Z's.


Poisoned animals are injured each day for three days. It is earned by attacking a poisonous animal, getting attacked by a venomous animal, and eating poison berries. The poison effect can be identified by a red skull and cross bones.

So far, the only venomous and poisonous animals in the game are the creatures, although, both carnivores and dodomingo can be poisoned. Keep in mind that horny/rogue (depending on the version) males can have poison body.

Poison berry bushes can be found on most/all biomes.


Bleeding occurs when the creature is attacked. Bleeding causes damage to creatures every turn. If another creature is adjacent, they can lick the wound to stop the bleeding. Creatures with hemophilia bleed faster and take more damage from this status effect. You can identify it by a red rain drop appearing on a creature and seeing if, when the creature is first attacked, there is a large red drop as well as the scratch.


When a creature is close enough to a leech, it will latch on and give this condition to the creature. Each turn, the creature will be damaged. If a creature is adjacent, they can remove the leech, which will also provide 1 food. There is, however, a known glitch that when you remove a leech, the effect will still be on the creature. It causes damage over time until the creature dies. This shows up in the News menu.


This is not actually a sickness, however, it does deal damage over time. Creatures without water breathing can drown in deep waters and rivers. Water is considered "deep" if it is above the creature's head. Every time you preform an action, the drowning creature will lose health. You can cure it by getting a creature out of the deep water onto dry land or a beach. You can identify it by a series of bubbles appearing on a creature.

Genetic Sickness

This is a sickness that lasts the creature's whole lifetime and significantly cuts it in half- from 25 days to 12. There is no way to cure it and it is often mistaken for a glitch of the Common Cold, saying that it will last 3 more days but persisting until the creature dies, although creatures can spread this to other creatures, but in the form of a Common Cold. This disease is caused by breeding two creatures with alike immunity genes, for example both creatures have a "triangle" immunity gene. It will happen every time a creature has two of the same immunity genes. Try to stamp it out by checking the immunity genes before you decide to breed. You can identify it by seeing if the creature has a "common cold" at birth, or by checking the genes.

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