Stagmoles are prey creatures that live in burrows. To find where a stagmole is, use hearing or smelling. If a stagmole is approached while it is facing the creature, it will hide inside of its burrow. They will not leave their burrow as they have no visible legs. A stagmole will turn 360 degrees to detect the creature, they will make a slight turn (60 degrees to the right) every action that you make.


It takes 1 strength to kill a stagmole. They can be detected by vision, hearing, and scent.


When killed, each stagmole provides 3 food points.


To hunt a stagmole, use smelling or hearing to find where it is. If a creature moves near a stagmole while it is facing the creature, it will retreat inside its burrow. If the creature moves near a stagmole while it is not facing it, the stagmole will not retreat, allowing for an easy kill.


A stagmole has a dark brown color and lighter brown spots and a long pink nose and blue eyes. They also have 4 large, thick claws used for digging along with small, tan, antlers on top of its head.

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