There are currently three vision types in Niche; Sight, Smelling and Hearing. With Smelling and Hearing, highlighted entities are color coded. Green is for good, as in berry bushes, stag-moles, or bunnies. Yellow is for neutral, for example a rogue. Red is for bad, such as carnivores and apes. Finally, blue for healing. There are healing plants that can be found in the jungle. The only things that are never highlighted are any of your creatures, meat piles, acorns, or bluebirds.


For every point of sight, a tile around a creature is "lit" up. Creatures can move freely on lit up tiles as long as their speed allows it. Sight is the "Standard" vision type in which you can see everything on a "lit up" tile except for roots.

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Sight is related to speed.


For each point of smelling, a creature can sniff out creatures and food sources, including Clams, Bunnies, Berry Bushes, Stag-moles, and other plants, along with more dangerous predators and stray or rouge creatures.

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Smelling is related to food.


For each point of hearing, a creature can hear other creatures and predators and prey.

Hearing is related to hunting.

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