Rogue males are creatures found roaming around the world. The typical look of a rogue male is two crippled paws and a derp snout, other than that, the genetics are randomized. The whole point of a rouge male is a creature whos genetics you don't want.

What does it do?

Whenever you move a female creature that isn't pregnant next to a rogue male, the rogue male and your creature breed. They also tend to follow your females, so if they are fast run away as quickly as you can, or you might end up with an unwanted, cripple-pawed baby. Rogue males also tend to move away from your male creatures, and don't approach a male and female standing close together. This makes them quite difficult to manage if you have alot of creatures and focus on one side of the island for a while, If you're not careful you may hear an all too familiar purring sound coming from your favourite creature. Although rouge males can serve a purpose if your tribe is close to extinction.


If a rogue male breeds
Rouge Male Message
with your creature, you get this notification.