Rabbils are an NPC and prey animal found in Niche. They spawn from rabbil holes. Each time a creature moves, any rabbils on the island will, too. If a creature moves toward a rabbil, it will usually move away, making them difficult to catch. Depending on the camouflage of your creatures, the rabbils won't be able to see them if they are in a tile with uncollected grass. They are attracted to berry bushes, moving towards them and collecting berries during their turn. As of 0.3.0, rabbils cannot go into the water.


  • 1 Speed
  • 1 Collecting


It requires two strength to kill a Rabbil, however if a creature has less than two strength they must hit the Rabbil twice.

Collecting Rabbil meat provides you with 4 points of food.


Rabbils are small, white entities that roam around the island, stealing berries from bushes. You can identify them by their long ears, and long, thin, rat-like tail. They also have large black eyes and white fur.


Creatures are capable of walking on top of rabbils, so a good hunting strategy is to put a creature of the player's choice (preferably a creature with stealth and good camouflage) on top of one, then have that creature kill it.


  • Rabbils were the first prey animal added to Niche.
  • They are a combination of a Rabbit and Bilby

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