Nests are a crucial breeding resource. Pregnant females are unable to give birth until they sit on a nest overnight.

Permanent Nests


A permanent nest

Permanent nests can be found while exploring. They are indestructible and can not be built, moved, or destroyed.

Temporary Nests

Temporary nests will decay over time and need to be repaired.


Nests can only be created by pregnant females, and are built on the tile they are standing on. Doing so requires 10 materials and 1 action point.


A temporary nest


After 5 days, a nest will degrade, at which point it can't be used. Degraded nests can be repaired by any creature. Doing so costs 3 materials and 1 action point. After three days, degraded nests will disappear.


Creatures can harvest a degraded nest for 5 material, and a non-degraded one for 7 material. You cannot harvest permanent nests, and any creature with 0-1 gems cannot harvest a nest.

Degraded Nest

A degraded nest


Material is the resource needed to build nests; building a new nest costs 10 materials and repairing a degraded nest costs 3 materials. At the beginning of a game, the player always starts with 10 materials.


By harvesting a grass tile, there is a chance to gain 1 material. By destroying Berry bushes, you will gain 1-3 materials.

Regrowing Grass


An overgrown grass tile

Harvested Grass

Grass beggining to grow

Some tiles have special, slightly paler grass. Harvesting these tiles will always grant 1 material, and the grass will regrow a few days after it is gathered.


  • In the beginner island, gather as much material possible for later, since this island is small and there are plenty of permanent nests to use.
  • Do not create a nest on the beginner island due to its small size and its abundance of permanent nests. Continue to save material for later islands as nests will be harder to find.

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