The gems on the creatures are outdated, but this shows the Goldleeches clearly.


Goldleeches are found in the oceans and in water next to swamps. If a creature comes within a one- tile range of the leech, they will have the leech stuck to their bodies on the next turn and the leech will inflict daily damage until it is removed. Passing the day without removal of the leech can cause your creature to begin bleeding.

Leech attached to a nicheling
Leech on top a shell


Goldleeches are bright yellow with a purple mouth. They can move around one tile per turn.


Removing a goldleech is the same as curing bleeding. The leeched creature has to be within a one- tile range of another creature who will remove the goldleech. Doing this takes one action point, but the goldleech becomes a single food point.

If a creature stands near the goldleech, it is possible to "harvest" the goldleech by simply attacking it. Doing so will harvest the leech and avoid any damage it may have caused by attaching itself to your creature. It requires at least one Strength and one action point.


Even after removing a goldleech, the creature will sometimes still receive damage until it passes away. Some Niche-playing YouTubers like to call it "The Leech Disease" for story purposes. This glitch has yet to be fixed.


  • Goldleeches used to simply be called leeches.
  • Prior to the latest update preview, goldleeches were immobile unless they were on the Jungle or Killer islands.