A gene is a hereditary trait that is passed from parent to child. In Niche, there are 18 different types of genes, each of which affects a different part or ability of the animal. They are: ear, eye, horn, head, body, paw, fur color, mane color, eye color, horn color, blood clotting, immunity, pattern, tail, hind leg, fertility, Albinism and Melanism. However, Males have no gene in the blood clotting gene. This is to represent how, in reality, males have smaller Y and X genes than Females.
Gene list

Each animal has two copies of every gene. They inherit one copy from their mother and one from their father. When they breed, each parent will randomly pass on one copy of each gene.

If a gene is dominant, then only one copy is needed for it to be expressed. If it is recessive, then two copies are needed. In the case of co-dominance and incomplete dominance, both genes are expressed. Please note that if there are multiple variations of the same gene, some genes can be more dominant than others. For example, brown eyes are dominant to green eyes, but recessive to black eyes. Therefore, a creature with genes for brown and green eyes will have brown eyes, but a creature with genes for brown and black eyes will have black eyes.

Ancient Genes

There are 6 Ancient genes (Armored Body, Digging Trunk, Hammer Tail, Mammoth Feet, Megalocerous Horns and Sabre-tooth Fangs). To unlock these genes, you must find an ice rock which is located in the mountain biome. Once the rock is broken, a creature will appear and join your pack. This creature will have 1 of the ancient genes, and the rest are randomized.

Hybrid Genes

There are three hybrid genes (Bearnyena Claw, Snout and hind legs). To unlock these genes you must breed a female creature with a friendly Bearyena.

Albinism and Melanism


Albino creatures have white fur and red eyes, while melanistic creatures have black fur and black eyes. Both albinism and melanism will mask pattern, fur color, mane color, horn color, and eye color genes.

The dominance orders are: no melanism > melanism & no albinism > albinism


Blood Clotting

Blood clotting affects how long the creatures bleed after being injured. It is a sex linked gene; females have two copies and males only have one.

The dominance order is: Normal Blood Clotting > Hemophilia

Gene Effect
Hemophilia Wounds take longer to heal
Normal Blood Clotting Wounds heal normally


Body genes affect Strength, Speed, Heat Resistance, Cold Resistance, Spikiness, Swimming, Underwater Breathing, Poisonous, Stealth, Appearance to other entities, and Smell.

The dominance order is unavailable for now, as it seems to be glitched.

Lean Body > Normal Body = Spiky Body > Water Body > Big Body > Toxic Body

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions Image
Armored Body +3 Defense Ancient Gene
Armored Body
Big Body +2 Strength

+1 Defence

-1 Heat Resistance

+2 Cold Resistance

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.03.41 PM
Lean Body +2 Speed

+2 Heat Resistance

-1 Cold Resistance

+2 Stealth

+4 Scentless

Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.04.19 PM
Medium Body +1 Strength

+1 Speed

+1 Stealth

+3 Scentless

+1 Heat Resistance

+1 Cold Resistance

Medi Body

Spiky Body +2 Strength

+1 Scentless


Disables tail

Spiky Body
Toxic Body +2 Poisonous

Distasteful Appearance

Disables fur color, pattern and albinism

Adds rectangular pupils as cosmetic

Blue side on
Water Body +2 Swimming

+1 Scentless

Underwater Breathing

Water Bod

Toxic Body Colors

Color Image


Ear genes affect Hearing, Heat Resistance and Cold Resistance.

The dominance order is: Medium Ears > Big Ears.

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions Image
Big Ears +4 Hearing

+1 Heat Resistance

-1 Cold Resistance

Explore 20 Savannah Fields


Explore 15 Desert Fields

Big Ear
Medium Ears +3 Hearing
Digger Claw No Paw Normal Ears Webbed Feet


Eye genes affect Eyesight, Smelling and Hearing.

The dominance order is: Normal Eyes > Short-sighted Eyes > Blind Eyes.

Gene Effect
Blind Eyes 0 Eyesight
Short-Sighted Eyes 1 Eyesight
Normal Eyes 2 Eyesight

Eye Color

Eye Color changes the color of a creature's eyes. It is a cosmetic gene and has no other effects.

The dominance order is: Black > Brown > Yellow > Green > Blue > Violet > Orange.

Gene Unlock Conditions Image
Black Eyes
799896214 preview BlackEyes
Blue Eyes Mutate Green Eyes
799896214 preview BlueEyes
Brown Eyes Mutate Black Eyes
799896214 preview BrownEyes
Green Eyes Mutate Brown Eyes
799896214 preview GreenEyes
Runner, green eye
Orange Eyes Random Mutation
799896214 preview OrangeEyes
Violet Eyes Mutate Blue Eyes
799896214 preview VioletEyes
Yellow Eyes Random Mutation
799896214 preview YellowEyes


Each creature has 2 copies of the fertility gene. A creatures fertility will be the sum of both copies of the gene; e.g. an animal with a high fertility gene (+3) and a medium fertility gene (+2) will have 5 fertility. Breeding success depends on the fertility of both partners; infertile animals (0 fertility) are unable to breed whatsoever.

Fertility also affects the likelihood of twin births, with higher fertility meaning higher chance of twins. The highest amount of fertility is 6 (per creature) and 12 in a pair.

Gene Effect
High Fertility +3 Fertility
Medium Fertility +2 Fertility
Low Fertility +1 Fertility
Infertile +0 Fertility

Fur Color

Fur color genes affect the overall color of a creature. Due to incomplete dominance, the creature's fur color will be a mix of the two genes. For example, two grey genes will produce a grey animal and two black genes will produce a black animal, but a black gene and a grey gene will produce a dark grey animal.

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions
Black Fur

+2 Camouflage in Jungle

+2 Camouflage in Swamps

Mutate Grey Fur
Brown Fur +2 Camouflage in Grassland Mutate Yellow Fur

Mutate Grey Fur

Grey Fur +2 Camouflage in Mountains Mutate Yellow Fur
Red Fur +2 Camouflage is Savannah
Beige Fur +2 Camouflage in Sand Mutate Red Fur


Head genes affect Strength, Smelling, Cracking, Underwater Breathing, Feeding from the Bottom, and Venomous.

The dominance order is: Spit Snout > Normal Snout > Big Nose > Cracker Jaw > Poison Fang > Beak > Gills.

Poison fang > digging trunk & poison fang > sabertooth fangs; more testing required to determine exact order

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions Image
Beak +1 Feeding from the Bottom Random Mutation
799896214 preview Beak
Bearyena Snout +2 Strength Hybrid Gene
Big Nose +3 Smelling
Big Snout
Cracker Jaw +2 Cracking

+2 Smelling

Digging Trunk +3 Digging

+3 Smelling

Ancient Gene
Gills Underwater Breathing Random Mutation
Normal Snout +2 Smelling
Normal Snout
Poison Fang +2 Venomous

+1 Smelling

Poison Fang
Sabretooth Fangs +2 Strength Ancient Gene
799896214 preview SabertoothFangs
Spit Snout +2 Smelling
Screen Shot 2017-04-22 at 11.05.01 PM

Hind Leg

Hind Leg genes affect Speed and Swimming.

The dominance order is Hind Leg > Webbed Hind Leg > Bearyena Hind Leg

Gene Effect Image
Bearyena Hind Leg +1 Speed

+1 Swimming

+1 Strength

Hind Leg +2 Speed

+1 Swimming

Webbed Hind Leg +2 Swimming

+1 Speed

799896214 preview WebbedHindLegs
Digger Claw No Paw Normal Ears Webbed Feet


Horn Genes affect strength.

The dominance order is: No Horns > Ram > Antlers

Gene Effect Unlock Condition Image
Antlers +1 Strength
799896214 preview Antlers
Megalocerous +2 Strength Ancient Gene
799896214 preview MegalocerosHorns
No Horns
Ram Horns +1 Strength
799896214 preview Ram

Horn Color

Horn Color genes affect the color of the horns on creatures. Due to incomplete dominance, the Horn Color is a mix of the creature's two genes.

The colors are White, Black, Brown, and Red.


Each creature has two genes for immunity, which they inherit from their parents. Creatures with two identical immunity genes are more susceptible to illness than creatures with two different copies.

The immunity genes are A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I, and K.

Picture Immunity
Immunity A
Immunity A
Immunity B
Immunity B
Immunity C
Immunity C
Immunity D
Immunity D
Immunity E
Immunity E
Immunity F
Immunity F
Immunity G
Immunity G
Immunity H
Immunity H
Immunity I
Immunity I
Immunity K

Mane Color

Mane Color genes affect the color of the mane on male creatures. Due to incomplete dominance, the mane color is a mix of the creature's two genes.

Mane Color Combination Image
Black and Black
799896214 preview BlackMane
Black and Beige
799896214 preview BeigeBlackMane
Black and Red
799896214 preview RedBlackMane
Black and Brown
799896214 preview BrownBlackMane
Beige on Beige
799896214 preview BeigeMane
Beige and Red
799896214 preview RedBeigeMane
Beige and Brown
799896214 preview BeigeBrownMane
Red and Red
799896214 preview RedMane
Red and Brown
799896214 preview RedBrownMane
Brown and Brown
799896214 preview BrownMane


Patterns affect camouflage.

The dominance order is: No Pattern > Dots > Warning Dots > Stripes > Panda.

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions Image
Dots +3 Camouflage in Jungle
799896214 preview Dots
No Pattern +_ Camouflauge in Plain Tiles
799896214 preview NoPattern
Panda Mutate Dots

Mutate Black Mane

799896214 preview PandaPattern
Stripes +3 Camoflauge in Tall Grass Mutate Dots
799896214 preview Stripes
Warning Dots Distasteful Appearance


Paw genes affect Speed, Strength, Collecting, Cracking, Swimming, and Digging. The genes are co-dominant.

Gene Effect Unlock Conditions Image
Bearyena Claw +3 Strength

+1 Fishing

Hybrid Gene
Claw +2 Strength

+2 Fishing

Execute 7 Attacks
Crippled Paw A useless, crippled paw.
Digger Claw No Paw Normal Ears Webbed Feet
Digging Paw +1 Digging
Mammut Feet +2 Cold Resistance Ancient Gene
Nimble Fingers +2 Collecting

+1 Cracking

Gather 35 Berries
Nibble FInger
799896214 preview BerryPaw
Runner Leg +1 Speed

+1 Collecting

+1 Stealth

Runner, green eye
Velvet Paw +3 Stealth

+1 Collecting

Webbed Paw +1 Swimming
Webbed Paw


Tail genes affect Swimming and Fishing.

The dominance order is: Fluffy Tail > Swimming Tail > Fishing Tail > Stinky Tail

Gene Effect Unlock Condition Image
Fishing Tail +2 Fishing
Medium Tail +1 Cold Resistance
Medium Tail 1
Hammer Tail +1 Strength Ancient Gene
799896214 preview HammerTail1
Stinky Tail Distasteful Scent
Stinky Tail
Swimming Tail +1 Swimming
Swiming Tail

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