Mutation Menu-1

The Mutation Menu at the start of a new game (Version 0.1.4). Question marks indicate genes that have not yet been unlocked.


The Mutation menu allows a newborn creature to mutate a new gene. To do so, the player must drag and drop an unlocked gene to either the 30% or 10% slots. The slots, depending on which one is chosen, give a specific % chance to mutate the gene. This means that if the player tries to mutate Antlers, the Antlers trait either has a 10% or 30% chance of appearing. This can be used to add new genes, but it can also be used to override unwanted genes or increase the chance that an existing gene appears, as the chance of inheriting a gene stacks with the chance of mutation.


When certain genes are placed into the mutation slots, the box will turn green, indicating that, with each new child, there is a chance that a new gene will be unlocked in the menu. If a gene is successfully mutated, a yellow circle will show around the gene, and it will be dominant and recessive. However, incompletely dominant genes, like fur color, and co-dominant genes, like paw genes, have a chance of mutating on one or both slots.

Unlocking new genes

There are various ways to unlock new genes. Some examples include: mutating them, exploring new tiles or completing a specific action.

Gene Unlock Condition
Berry Paw Gather 35 Berries
Claws Execute 7 attacks
Gills Random Mutation
Beak Random Mutation
Big Ear Explore 20 Savannah tiles

or 15 Desert tiles

Yellow Fur Mutate Red Fur
Grey Fur Mutate Yellow Fur
Black Fur Mutate Grey Fur
Brown Fur Mutate Yellow and Grey Fur
Brown Eyes Mutate Black Eyes
Green Eyes Mutate Brown Eyes
Blue Eyes Mutate Green Eyes
Violet Eyes Mutate Blue Eyes
Yellow Eyes Random Mutation
Stripes Mutate Dots
Panda Pattern Mutate Dots and Black Mane

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