Events occur randomly, changing the gameplay and affecting your environment.


Temperature rises while the event is active.

Cold wave

Temperature lowers while the event is active.


Plants instantly regrow on the first day of rain, then regrow faster than normal afterward. All plants that have berries will be refilled to have the maximum amount of berries on them. Fires will go out.


The chance of rain decreases. (Currently inactive)


A new baby creature is born.


One of your old/damaged creatures have just died.


One of your creatures is sick and is being damaged.

There is a second sickness event that will warn you if your creature has picked up a sickness by being near a sick creature.


One of your creatures have been hurt and are now bleeding.

This is the event that shows up when a baby is attacked by a bluebird, rather than the death event.


One of your creatures has a leech on it.

Failed to Breed

One of your males failed to impregnate a female due to low fertility.



Message System

On the right side of the screen there is a little blue bar. Each time something happens, an icon associated with it will appear. By clicking on this icon, it will show you what happened and where.

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Selected Icon

As seen in the photo above, it will display a small description and a long 'show' button. When clicking this button, it will transport you to the event you have clicked on.
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Message UI

Bugs, Glitches, and Exploits

  • As of Version 0.1.5, while it is raining, it is possible to have the initial instant regrowth repeat itself by returning to the title screen and reloading the save. This can be exploited, allowing the player to obtain unreasonable amounts of food with little effort. Note that this glitch will not work on berry bushes with any number of Bunnies adjacent to them