Crabbits are sea-dwelling creatures, although they will come up on land. They eat sea shells and can only be attacked from behind. They move during the day.


Crabbits provide 3 food when collected.


It requires at least two (?) strength to attack a Crabbit, and they can only be attacked from behind. They will turn to face whichever creature has last approached or attacked them. They will die if out of water for a few days, but this isn't a very efficient strategy to get rid of them. The best way to deal with them is to put two creatures, one on each side of them, and have the two creatures take turns swiping at the Crabbit. If this strategy is not available, you can just wait it out, for they do die of old age.

What they do

Crabbits will sometimes face off against each other and very rarely will pick berries from bushes. They will not harm creatures but can be a useful source of food.

Because a creature cannot stand on top of a crabbit, they occasionally by chance stand on top of a nest, making it inaccessible until it dies.

As of the Mountain preview, Crabbits will now eat shells. Serving as competition for your creatures.

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