A list of fan-made Challenges to make a Niche tribe more interesting. Please add your own ideas! (Make sure there isn't one like it already first) (Some of the smaller challenges might be better to combine (play several challenges at once).)

No Mutations

A very simple but hard challenge-you can't ever use the Mutation menu. If your creature has Short-sighted eyes and you want to breed them with a regular eyesight mutation, too bad. 

Blind Genetics

It's simple, bud hard. You can never, ever look at your Nicheling's genes, including the Family Tree, since their genes are shown there. (Optional: Yo can open the Family Tree, but you can't look at their genes. Only do this option if you trust yourself.)

Forever Family

Every creature in the tribe must have at least 2 children in their lifetime. (This does not count Rogue Male children.) If a Nicheling is infertile, they must be sacrificed. (Drowned, killed by Bearyena/Ape, starved, etc)


Your mission is to have the strongest creatures possible. You must also kill and destroy everything in your path (not including Friendly Bearyenas, because you'll need them to become stronger). Examples of genes you want: Armored Body, Big Body, Bearyena Snout, Bearyena Claw, Hammer Tail, Claw, Sabertooth, etc.

More Challenges coming soon!