A list of fan-made Challenges to make a Niche tribe more interesting. Please add your own ideas! (Make sure there isn't one like it already first) (Some of the smaller challenges might be better to combine (play several challenges at once).)

No Mutations

A very simple but hard challenge-you can't ever use the Mutation menu. If your creature has Short-sighted eyes and you want to breed them with a regular eyesight mutation, too bad. 

Blind Genetics

It's simple, bud hard. You can never, ever look at your Nicheling's genes, including the Family Tree, since their genes are shown there. (Optional: Yo can open the Family Tree, but you can't look at their genes. Only do this option if you trust yourself.)

Forever Family

Every creature in the tribe must have at least 2 children in their lifetime. (This does not count Rogue Male children.) If a Nicheling is infertile, they must be sacrificed. (Drowned, killed by Bearyena/Ape, starved, etc)


Your mission is to have the strongest creatures possible. You must also kill and destroy everything in your path (not including Friendly Bearyenas, because you'll need them to become stronger). Examples of genes you want: Armored Body, Big Body, Bearyena Snout, Bearyena Claw, Hammer Tail, Claw, Sabertooth, etc.

Ice-Age Challenge

The aim of this challenge is to collect all of the ancient genes (mammut foot, sabertooth, etc) or create a lookalike creature to your specific requirements (down to pattern, eye color, etc) using one or more of these ancient genes. For example, you could try and create a mega creature that has all of the ancient genes actively present, or breed a creature that looks like an extinct animal or animal that uses an ancient gene (reindeer for megaloceros horns, Sabertooth tiger for Sabertooth fangs, you get the point). The challenge must obviously be done on a mountain/snowy island that enables you to get the genes.

Globetrotter Challenge

The Globetrotter Challenge is a fast-paced, spontaneous challenge recommended for semi-fully experienced players that want a casual, fun challenge to do. The goal of the Globetrotter Challenge is to reach the Home Island with 1+ creatures that have Home Island immunity within the quickest time possible. How many days you want to generally restrict yourself to per island is up to you, but I recommend 25-30 days per island, depending on how big it is. I suggest creating 1-2 new generations per island (fast paced). This challenge is in story mode. I also recommend, when still on easy islands, to gather as much food as possible while it's easy so going through the hard islands is easier.

Divergent Evolution Challenge

The aim of the Divergent Evolution Challenge is to create two sub-groups of nichelings (e.g one group has all red, fighting nichelings, one has all white swimmers/fishers), all from your starting Nichelings. Story mode is not required for this challenge. Wanderers are allowed into the tribe, as they may carry the genes you want for a sub-group, or could determine what the group's genes may be, but each wanderer taken in must only breed with one group. If you want to make it harder for yourself, then don't allow nichelings from different sub-groups to breed, even if you are desperate for opposing immunities or other genes. The challenge is done once you have two clearly distinct breeds of nichelings.

Wolf Conquest Challenge

The Wolf Conquest Challenge/Pack Conquest Challenge is based off of Seri! Pixel Biologist!'s Pack Conquest Series. There is no strict goal of this challenge, but it is necessary to attempt to breed as strong and carnivorous creatures as possible (if a creature is born a herbivore, thats fine, but no berry-and-nut-collecting genes should be put in the mutation menu, only defensive and offensive genes). In Wolf Conquest, every generation of creatures should have one-two breeding pairs or breeding groups (one main breeder, many others that breed with the main) and all other creatures focus on acquiring more food and other stuff. Breeders have the Alpha rank. Another rule in Wolf Conquest is that babies born of rogue males, wanderers (depends), or very poor genetic creatures are inherently slaves from birth, and are only to collect food and must not breed. They have the Omega rank, and will (if it happens) starve first. All other creatures have the Beta rank.

More Challenges coming soon!