The bluebird is an aerial predator that circles above the creatures. A strict carnivore, it will carry off isolated babies and piles of meat. Bluebirds will not land or attack anything within a one tile range of adult creatures, so never leave babies unattended. Bluebirds will also dive on unattended meat piles and take it all, so picking up meat should be a priority.

Since they never land, bluebirds can only be killed by nichelings with the ability to fly. This may take several hits depending on the Nicheling's strength(?).

When killed, they instantly provide 20 food points.

Protection Requirements

For a child to be "protected", a creature has to meet certain requirements. A creature with two to three gems must be adjacent to a child to protect it from the Bluebird.


A Bluebird can be detected by a hawk-like screeching sound, similar to how a carnivore can heard by a low growling. A shadow is visible on the ground, but to spot the bird itself, zoom/scroll(F key) outwards to spot it. They resemble a hawk with a black beak, yellow eyes, and blue feathers as seen above.