Killer Bearyena


Bearyenas will randomly spawn on the island and attack your creatures. They will also attack and eat Rabbils. Much like the creatures, they have an age bar and will die of either old age or their wounds. 

Each Bearyena moves 2 times during the night. 


Bearyenas have 2 Strength, 2 Speed, and 3 Sight. Killer Carnivores have 2 Strength, 3 Speed, 3 Defense, and 2 Sight. 


When killed, Bearyenas provide 10 food points
Killer Carnivore

On the Left is a Killer Bearyena, on the right is a Normal Bearyena. In the middle is an adolescent Creature standing a little way behind the Bearyenas.

Killer Bearyena

Killer Bearyenas only appear on Challenge Islands. Killer Bearyenas have red eyes and a darker body compared to the normal, neighborhood Bearyena. Killer Bearyenas have the defense stat, which doesn't allow creatures with strength below 3 to hurt them. It is advised that you bring strong creatures onto the hardest island as you will most likely encounter a few Killer Bearyenas

Friendly Bearyena

Beary ena

A Friendly Bearyena and Hybrid

Friendly Bearyenas sometimes spawn with adult Bearyenas. They can be invited to the pack but only if the adult Bearyena is killed. Once invited to the pack (For 3 food) it is considered tamed.

A tamed Bearyena cannot be controlled and will move by itself, acting like a regular Bearyena (but it will not hurt your pack). They will attack prey creatures and pick up meat drops if they get near them. If a female creature breeds with a friendly Bearyena, the offspring has a chance to inherit Bearyena genes.


  • They were the first added predator in the game.
  • They used to be called Carnivores.
  • They are a combination of a bear and a hyena.
  • It is possible to hybridize with Bearyenas, but leaves offspring with very low fertility and makes it challenging to pass the enhanced genes
  • Bearyenas can kill babies with one hit, so it is best to protect the nest.
  • Although Bearyenas can kill bunnies, they can't eat the meat. Friendly Bearyenas are an exception to this, occasionally stealing kills from your tribe.
  • Bearyenas can and will kill and attack rogues.