Balance Bear

Balance bears are a large, predatory animal from the mountain biome. Similar to the great apes, balance bears live for 100 days and are better avoided than killed. Unlike the apes, it is vulnerable to poison, making it easier to wear down with hit and run attacks. When killed they provide 30 food.


  • 2 Speed
  • 2 Strength
  • 3 Defense
  • 2 Collecting
  • 4 Fishing
  • 5 Eyesight
  • 3 Hearing
  • 5 Smelling
  • 1 Cold Resistance


Balance Bears tower over your creatures on their hind legs. They are grey, with white ears and legs along with grey paws and underbelly. These are the only few predators with an actual pattern. The paws have evidence of retractable claws and they also have a few spots on their back.