The three great apes are menacing predators that can be found in the jungle biome. Each uses either sight, smell, or hearing to track your creatures down. All of the apes live 100 days and are immune to venom. When killed, they drop 20 meat.

Big Eyed Ape

The big eyed ape uses vision to track your creatures. It has incredibly good eyesight, featuring large eyes and shaggy, orange fur.


Camouflage will help your creatures hide, and distasteful appearance will make your creatures look less appetizing. Camouflage can be increased by hiding in the grass and certain patterns. The best way to get maximised camouflage is stripes, black and brown fur colours. Distasteful appearance can be increased by Toxic Body, Derp Snout, Bearyena Snout, and Sabertooth Fangs. Grass provides some camouflage, however not much.

Hearing Ape

The hearing ape uses hearing to track your creatures. It has incredible hearing, with long ears as evidence as well as dark green fur with yellow spots.The hearing ape has a goblin-like face, somehow resembling the spit snout.


Maximizing stealth will make your creatures hard to detect; velvet paws and smaller (normal/lean) bodies are especially helpful. Stepping on leaves will make a loud sound and remove all stealth, so be sure to avoid those.

Smelling Ape

The smelling ape uses smell to hunt your creatures. It has an incredibly strong nose, with a long snout with huge nostrils and blue-and-black fur. 


Some genes will help make your creature scentless, and a stinky tail will make your creature smell distasteful. Rolling in a patch of mud will also help disguise your creatures odor. Smelly fruit, an otherwise beneficial food, will make your creatures very easy to find, however.